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Child Rider Agreement

This Agreement establishes the responsibilities of the parent and/or legal guardian and their child as participants in the vanpool program established by TRANSIT  AGENCY.

The parent/legal guardians verifies :

· My Child is under the age of 16.

The parent/legal guardians agrees to :

1. Accompany my child at all times while occupying the van.

2. Properly secure my child as required by RCW 46.61.687 and be responsible for knowing any updats to this law. child riders are reauired to ride in the balck seat until they are older than 13 years of age.

3. Pay full fare for my child(if appropriate) as estabilsed by Agency.

4.Ensure the child’s behavior is in compliance with the day-to-day operating rules established by the majority vote of the vanpool members.

The parent/legal guardian understands:

1. The TRANSIT AGENCY is running a public transportation program for all members of the public.The transrt agency is not conducting criminal background checks on the other occupants of the vanpool vehicle, and is not responsible for their behaviour. Supervision of the child is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility. If parent/legal guardian cannot accompany the child then the child should not ride in the van that day.

2.Even though the TRANSIT AGENCY required the parent/legal guardian is responsible for the proper securement of the child, the driver of the vehicle could receive a citation if the child is not properly secured. Therefore, any driver/backup driver complaint reagarding
lack of proper securement or a citation due to improper securement shall result in the expulsion of the parentl/legal guardian and the child.

3. The vanpool vehicle used in this program is not a school bus, and it does meet or have to meet the srtict safety requirements legislated for a school bus.